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About the Body

First Steps: Introduction to Anatomy

I have been teaching this amazing subject since. 2005 and still have the excitement and love for it!

So: I have created this easy to follow guide about the body and how it works for you, along with new videos of me explaining it

Choose from one subject or more £10 each or 6 for £50


This is a fabulous easy to follow guide to learning about the body – I take you through with videos I have made just for you – and I know you will just love it.

There’s a range to choose from – start with one – Skin for just £10

We have: Skin, Bones, Muscles, Heart and Blood, Digestive, Respiratory systems to choose from or choose all 6 for £50 

Payment via paypal to : Proceeds going to help fund our award winning TherapyAid project – giving much needed self care in the form of massage or other therapies to hard working unpaid family carers.